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   Printed Reports
DRMS processes DHIA test day data and maintains a database of this information. DHIA management reports are printed and mailed monthly to producers or data can be downloaded from DRMS or received by e-mail. Mailed reports include over 80 pre-designed lists and summaries as well as custom designed reports. Producers can choose between eight monthly reports with individual cow data, four cow pages, three somatic cell count summaries as well as a variety of herd data summaries and high level management reports. 

Samples of our most popular DHI reports are available below. 
Details about ALL DHI optional reports available from DRMS can be found in the DHI Reports Options FactSheet.

Additional optional reports are available to address specific dairy management needs. If the standard format of a report is not suitable, a custom report can be designed. To request more information about reports, e-mail us or call 919-661-3100 (Raleigh) or 515-294-2526 (Ames).
   Web Reports
Access your DHI reports via the web! When you sign up for WebReports, DRMS will send you an automated email notification when your herd processes, so you'll know your reports are waiting for you here! An option to automatically notify another email address (your herd manager, veterinarian, consultant, etc.) is also available-contact DRMS to set this up. The most recent 2 years of the Herd Summary (202), and the most recent 3 months of all other reports you receive are accessible. Eliminate mail turn-around time. Access your reportsas soon as your herd processes.

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   Fact Sheets
These booklets provide examples of reports and explain data found on reports.

Herd Summary Fact Sheet - 7/14
The Herd Summary report (DHI-202) is the most popular report for producers and consultants to use to monitor herd progress. Data calculations, a description of DHI Record Plans, and tables of average nutritional values are included.

DHI Monthly Reports Fact Sheet - 7/14
Producers can choose from seven different formats of the Monthly Report which lists information for each individual cow in the herd. Each report (DHI-200, 210, 211, 212, 220, 225 and 312) is reviewed in detail.

DHI Report Options Fact Sheet - 4/14
Over 80 optional management reports are available to producers. There are also options as to how information is reported (i.e., SCC linear score or actual count, service sire number or service sire name, etc.); and options for the order in which certain reports are listed (i.e., by barn name, by number, by string, dry cows last, etc.). Each DHI report option available from DRMS is described with report examples.

DHI Glossary Fact Sheet - 4/14
Many terms are used in association with dairy production testing. The definition is provided for close to 300 terms such as Base Relative Value, Standardized 150 Day Milk and Test Period Persistency Index. Many definitions include formulas used by DRMS to obtain values such as Estimated Relative Producing Ability (ERPA) and Energy Corrected Milk (ECM). Acronyms commonly used with DHI testing and DRMS processing are defined. Tables used when age, lactation number and body weight needs to be estimated for cows entering the herd are also provided.

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