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Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS) was founded at North Carolina State University in 1957 with a mission to provide superior dairy management information to producers in the region. While many things have changed since 1957, DRMS’ mission has not. Product offerings including PCDART, PocketDairy and a vast array of DHI reports empower producers to use both their DHI and everyday data to make the most informed, cost-effective decisions possible.

DRMS is owned by our member cooperatives and embodies a true non-profit organization’s purpose: provide superior benefits and products at minimal cost. Long traditions at NCSU and Iowa State University and our penchant to explore and adapt technologies enable us to attract a tremendous staff. Developers create cutting-edge tools quickly and efficiently while technical support analysts educate and answer customers’ questions. Frequent feature updates for PCDART and PocketDairy as well as in interfaces for automated milk recording and heat monitoring systems are part of doing business with DRMS. Those utilizing DHI data processing services have access to nearly 100 report options, ensuring a customized option for every need.

While serving herds from Maine to California and Michigan to Florida through 22 DHIAs, DRMS delivers strong value to every herd: small or large, Jerseys or Holsteins, technology-driven or traditional. Month to month, approximately two million cows from 13,000 herds flow through our processing center. We will continue to apply our knowledge of dairy science and technology to deliver superior information and management tools to all of them

Providing superior dairy management information systems to our customers is our mission statement, our business and our passion.

   DRMS Products
Dairy Management Software: PCDART, and PocketDairy development and support to dairy producers, dairy consultants and other dairy industry professionals

Dairy Data Analysis Software: Herd Detective and CTAP development, sales and support to dairy producers, dairy consultants and other dairy industry professionals

DHIA Reports: Reports include over 60 pre-designed lists and summaries, high level management reports such as Transition Cow Management, Survival Analysis, and Persistency Analysis as well as user designed reports

DHIA Data sent to producers or consultants (with producer's permission) by mail or e-mail (if using PCDART). Consultants can log in and download data for use in PCDART, Herd Detective, CTAP or other programs

Benchmarking for producers and consultants who want to compare performance in an individual herd to other herds: DairyMetrics is our web-based system that enables benchmarking with parameters for general, production, udder health, reproduction and genetic information. WebReports allows producers to get their traditional DHIA reports off our website in PDF format thus eliminating mail time.  You are notified by email or text message to your cell phone as soon as your herd has processed, so you know your reports are accessible.  Consultants can also use WebReports to view or print reports for client herds using their Remote Access Code.  Consultants are also notified by email or text message as soon as a client herd processes.  

   Customer Service
Providing top-notch support, prompt service, and staying in touch with customer needs are our top priorities. We value our excellent reputation for customer satisfaction and work hard to meet our customer's expectations. Staff in Raleigh and Ames provide telephone support to DHIA staff so they can provide support in their area. Annual training meetings for affiliate staff are provided, and DRMS staff attends local meetings throughout the service region to gain local exposure to customer needs or concerns. Accounting staff provide a full range of accounting services for DHIA's including billing, payroll, general ledger and financial analysis.

All herds are processed in Raleigh, but printing and mailing of reports from other sites ensures prompt turnaround of mailed reports. Reports are currently printed and mailed in Ames, IA; Ithaca, NY; Manheim, PA; Buffalo, MN; and Wooster, OH in addition to Raleigh, NC. Other printing sites will be considered by individual affiliates based on the volume of producers receiving mailed reports.

More and more customers are receiving herd and cow data electronically by e-mail or direct download. This ensures the quickest turnaround of information, and data can be used in PCDART, PCDART-Lite, CTAP or other data management programs. Customers may also choose to get their herd's traditional DHIA reports from the DRMS website in Portable Document Format (PDF) as these are available as soon as the herd processes.

Facebook offers a great opportunity for DRMS support teams to interact with our users. We invite you to share helpful information and ideas about the program. You can also learn about new features, when new versions are released and a host of other important details about DRMS products and services.

We invite dairy producers, DHIA technicians and management staff, dairy extension personnel, dairy consultans, DRMS support personnel and various dairy industry professionals to join us here. DRMS support personnel will be adding information for users on a regular basis.

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   Current U.S. Customer Area
Dairy Records Management Systems provides the majority of DHIA records processing services and on-farm records management software for 14 member DHI Service Affiliates. DRMS also provides contract processing services and/or on-farm software for eight additional DHI Service Affiliates. The service areas for these 22 affiliates are outlined in green on the map below.

The combined area serviced by DRMS in the United States includes almost 13,000 producers with 2.1 million cows in 45 states.  View DHIA Affiliate contacts for the phone number, website, email and mailing address of all DHIA's that offer DRMS processing service and products.  If you are unsure which affiliates service your area, contact DRMS at 1-515-294-2526 or email us for that information.

service map

   Advisory Board
Six DHI member producers and three DHI or extension staff members serve as an Advisory Board to advise DRMS staff and approve major changes in programs or operating procedures. Advisory Board members for 2015-2016 are:
Mr. Ted Foster, Chairman
58 Lower Foote Street
Middlebury, VT  05753
Phone: 802-388-0156
Term Expires: 2016
Mr. Dick James,

64614 716 Rd
Verdon NE  68457-1811
Phone: 402-883-2725
Term Expires: 2018
Mr. Bill Grammer
996 South 15th Street
Sebring, OH   44672
Phone: 330-446-0028
Term Expires: 2018
Mr. Robert Pemberton
12111 Old Ridge Rd
Doswell, VA  23047
Phone: 804-339-3417
Term Expires: 2016
Mr. Jentje Steembeek
3352 CR 3344
Pickton, TX   75471
Phone: 903-866-3711
Term Expires: 2017
Mr. Loren Durst
17207 Co Hwy A
Richland Center, WI   53581
Phone: 608-604-5655
Term Expires: 2017
Mr. Ray West
Southeast DHIA
1441 Orange Hill Road
Chipley, FL  32428
Phone: 352-538-7059
Term Expires: 2016 
Mr. Terry Hopper
Dairy Lab Services
5105 Wolff Road
Dubuque, IA 52002-2564
Term Expires: 2018
Mr. Gary Holterman
NorthStar Cooperative DHI Services
Box 23158
Lansing, MI  48909
Phone: 920-418-3758
Term Expires: 2017
Dr. Donald Beermann
Professor & Chair of Animal Science
Iowa State University
1221 Kildee Hall
Ames, IA  50011-3150
Phone: 515-294-2160
Dr. Todd See
Head, Animal Science Dept.
N.C. State University
Box 7621, N.C. State
Raleigh, NC  27695-7621
Phone: 919-515-2755

313 Chapanoke Rd., Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27603 919-661-3100 fax: 919-661-3145
4 Kildee Hall, ISU, Ames, IA 50011 515-294-2526 fax: 515-294-4920 *

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