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  PocketDairy Overview
PocketDairy Android PocketDairy
Instant Data On The Go!

Mobile computing is growing tremendously as smartphones continue to change our daily routine. The dairy industry is harnessing this technology with PocketDairy forging ahead.

The PocketDairy app provides vital cow statistics for production, reproduction and udder health. A swipe of the screen reveals lifetime health, vaccination and protocol history. You get unique items like Hold Meat and Hold Milk alerts from PCDART, and you can select which data items appear on your cow or heifer pages (including genomic data). View quick action lists for vet check, breeding, dry off and calving. Filters make it simple to use, even in the largest of herds.

Enter data on the go. PocketDairy is not just a fun app for your smartphone or tablet. It's an Android program that gives you the power of PCDART - anytime, anywhere. A few taps will make a group change; add a dry, calving, bred or left date; put in vet check or recheck codes; and much more. With wireless syncs to PCDART, data can be updated as often as needed.

To install PocketDairy, you need PCDART version 7.15 or later and your smartphone must have Android 2.2 or later. Your tablet must have Android 4.4 or later to run the Vet Check Maxx feature. Vet Check Maxx was recently awarded a Top-10 New Product at the 2015 World Ag Expo. It is designed for tablets with a 7" or larger screen and will instantly simplify and streamline your vet check days: Vet Check Maxx.

PocketDairy is turning heads! With comments from customers like “I am continually amazed at what the program can do” and “It benefits what we do everyday;” it’s time to see for yourself what all the excitement is about! Dairy Herd Managment Innov Awards

2011 Innovation Award. PocketDairy was selected as one of the top ten most innovative products of 2011. Innovation Awards are sponsored by Dairy Herd Management. Entries were evaluated by Dairy Herd Management’s independent panel of dairy farmers, agribusiness representatives and university experts.

Cow Page with custom items Cow Page Health Repro List, small format
Calved input Bred input Health input

PocketDairy Pocket PC

PocketPC PocketDairy gives you immediate access to data you need to make quick cowside decisions. Information is always up-to-date and always with you. Choose from regular or ruggedized Pocket PC models.

Look up information cowside: calving date, days in milk, lactation number, group number, current / previous milk wt., SCC, date to dry, date to calve, days since bred, health information, and more! At vet checks, answer the vet’s questions about a cow’s health history with just a tap on the cow’s identity. PocketDairy can be used on multiple handhelds so all of your key employees can have access to the information they need, no matter where they are on the dairy! PocketPC

Input on your handheld unit: Why write it down and reenter it later? Tap it all right into PocketDairy: cows in heat, cows for vet check, change group number, flag lame or sick cows; even put in calving, dry or breeding dates (recommended service sires are stored). Push one button to transfer the input to your computer or your DHI technician’s computer on test day.

Accepts Scanned Identification from RFID tags:  Link a portable wand with PocketDairy on the PPC to quickly locate cows of interest in a group, see or hear (!) pending tasks as each animal is wanded. You can quickly find cows turned into the wrong pen or any cows that have a scheduled task. The system complies with National Animal ID System (NAIS) requirements.

  PocketDairy Enrollment

You must use PCDART and have version 7.15 installed. PocketDairy has a monthly charge of $10 plus 3 cents per cow ($20 maximum fee) and a $30 start-up fee. Contact DRMS or your local DHIA Service Affiliate for more information.

PocketDairy for PPC

Subscribe to PocketDairy PPC for just $10 per month, plus a $50 start-up fee. Contact DRMS or your local DHIA Service Affiliate for more information.

  Program Screens
A few taps gets you to the information you need. It's quick and easy to view or input data. Enter data one time.
Trust PocketDairy and not your memory when you need information on a specific animal.

PocketDairy Android

Here are a few examples from PocketDairy Android:

Cow Page with custom items Cow Page Health Youngstock
Action Lists Milking Cow List, large To Breed list, small
Calved input Bred input Health input

   Hardware Recommendations
Hardware Recommendations for PocketDairy:

Any smartphone using Android Operating System 2.2 or higher should run PocketDairy and any tablet using Android Operating System 4.4 or higher should run the Vet Check Maxx feature.

PocketDairy Android Devices Confirmed by Customers and Support Staff for PocketDairy use. 

Hardware recommendations for PocketDairy PPC:

PocketDairy supports popular Pocket PC regular and ruggedized models as well as handheld units with the Palm Operating System. Call your DHIA office or DRMS for recommended models for herds over 300 cows. Click below for information on devices that are currently used with PocketDairy:

Recommended Pocket PC Devices for PocketDairy use 

Optimizing Performance on the Pocket PC - recommendations that may improve Pocket PC performance

Contact DRMS for recommended Palm devices for PocketDairy use. 

   Quotes from Users
What Customers are Saying about PocketDairy

Joe Shockey

"You get a lot more calf health input when you have the phone right there and can get the information in there right away"  Leonard Kleinsasser, MT

"“We had just tested and I sorted by deviation to know which cows to zero in on. That’s been quite helpful.”  Dean Putt, OH

"“As soon as PCDART is updated from my AMR, I have instant updated milk weights when I sync. Totally awesome. The coolest app ever!”   Gerald Fieser, FL

"“I got blown away by the input screens!!!!! They are very well organized, buttons are the right size, and sections make the process very easy!"  Jaime Bermudez, PR

"“Automatic updates and having heifers are great! The fact that I have it with me all the time is the best!”   Carol Timmerman, IL

"”Installation and sync went without a hitch.”   Freddy Rowe, KY

"“We’re starting to wonder how we managed PRE-PocketDairy Android. The information on the phone has tremendous value. It benefits what we do everyday.”   Joe Shockey, DVM, WV

"“I like entering breedings on the Ardroid so much that I want to breed more cows just so I can enter the breedings on the Android!"  Marty Burken, IA

"“This is a wonderful management tool for our dairy. Having the information on your phone means you always have it with you, because leaving the house without your phone is like leaving the house without your hat on, IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN!”  Darron Schoen, MO

What Customers are Saying about PocketDairy PPC

"The program has helped us be much more efficient in our daily operations. Herd input is more accurate and much faster. Vet checks are easier and we get more for our money with the vet. Making decisions on the spot about culling, sorting, and many other tasks is now very easy. I know that we are making better decisions, and we do not have to run into the office to look up cows every time an important decision must be made. This translates into more profit for our operation through efficient decision making .
Jonathon Loper, manager of Rio Leche Dairy, New Mexico (1,600 milking cows)

"PocketDairy lets us keep track of information on the spot instead of having to write it down and reenter it at a later date. We can record such things as body condition scores, sick cows and cows in heat without going to the office. One of the best features is the cow page, which allows us to view individual cow information while we are out in the lot. Seeing a cow’s history is really important, especially with over 1,000 cows!" 
Ryan Hooper, herdsman with Zwemmer Dairy in Elkton, MI (1,000 + milking cows)

"When we got to about 200 cows, we had to do something computerized to better record events and manage cows. I wanted a good pocket computer, because my computer’s at home (which is not adjacent to the dairy operation). PocketDairy really enhances management. Information is available at your fingertips." 
Bill Grammer, Grammer Jersey Farm, Ohio (350 milking cows).

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